Business Development and Strategy for Law Firms

Key People specializes in the business of law, by providing a tailor made accurate legal marketing strategy, increasing efficiency of the law firm and optimizing its resources. Key People provides solutions to the current outstanding issues, a full development plan and escorts the law firm in every step of the way for maximizing its management and business goal.

Our business is to increase your management efficiency, motivate your team, reduce expenses and utilize your resources for fulfillment of your law firm potential. We create for you a full marketing plan, to expand your customer base and increase awareness to your services.

Key People team of experts are highly experienced in the business and management arenas of law firms. Our combined expertise provides a set of unique solutions and a full umbrella of business services for lawyers. Law firms have become complex organizations which are required to deal with a constant changing reality and increasing competition. Key People specialized for 20 years in business development, legal marketing and escorting lawyers during all their career stages. Key People is the first law offices business development company in the country. As an organization in the private sector the main aspect behind the business strategy of a law office is increasing the profitability of the law firm.

This goal is achieved by a set of activities we lead such as: escorting merger processes, retirement agreements, efficiency processes, organizational consulting, reduction of expenses, strategic collaborations, building a marketing and business strategy, human resources development, compensation plans for partners and associates, and building the precise partners agreement to avoid internal conflicts. In addition, we specialize in conflict settlements between partners, management skills development, establishment of new law departments and law offices, compensation plans, performance management and more. In addition, we are working in various governmental organizations legal wings, in order to increase the efficiency of the legal services.

Our main services:

Business development
Law offices establishment
Marketing strategy
Compensation plans for partners and associates
Mergers and senior lawyers placement
Legal departments
Social Media management
Seminars and training
Key People business development for law offices offers its services to law firms, legal departments and also lawyers in their first steps in the legal business.

Our knowledge of languages enables us to work with law firms in different countries: we speak English, Spanish and French.